Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! Life has been pretty busy lately, with some big decisions to make, but I should be back next week with a couple new posts, including one sharing all the cool goodies I got via the Favorite Fall Things Blog Swap.

In the meantime, Molly, Twix and all of their kitty friends on Pinterest wish you a very spooky Halloween! (Yes, these are the same two costume photos I've shared in the past, since the girls just weren’t feeling it this time around.)

"Tiger" Molly
"Cowgirl" Twix
Image Source: via Pinterest
Image Source: via Pinterest

Image Source: via Pinterest

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simple & Fun Fall Craft Idea: DIY Halloween Owl Wreath

While I’m not usually one to go all out with seasonal and holiday decorations, I do like to put out a few fun pieces each year once the fall season rolls around. Along with a couple new pumpkin-and-apple scented candles, Halloween-themed art pieces and owl throw pillows, one of my favorite additions to this year’s collection is the super cute DIY Halloween owl wreath Stephen and I made using a $20 kit from Paper Source.

Even for novice crafters like us, the instructions were relatively easy to follow, and although it did take a bit longer to complete than we originally expected (mostly because we had to curl each flower petal one at a time), I absolutely love the way it came out. Plus, at just $20, this paper wreath was a bargain compared with a few more elaborate ready-made designs I had recently been eyeing. Overall, it was a fun and simple project, and as you can see, even Molly and Twix had a great time getting in on some paper scrap action! 

Have you done any fun DIY projects or put up any new decorations this fall? 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

30th Birthday Weekend

Well, it’s happened. I’m officially 30 and happy to say that so far, things are looking good!

My birthday weekend started off Friday night with a trip into DC for an early dinner at Sweetgreen, my favorite gourmet salad shop, followed by a performance of Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde at the Kennedy Center. While the show was long (4.5 hours), the singing and staging were absolutely phenomenal! I also received an awesome gift pack from my family in California, which included my own little Despicable Me minion buddy. Speaking of great gifts, I just have to share a photo of the colorful bracelet my dear friend Joycelyn picked out for me during her recent trip to Mexico, too. 

Saturday, my actual birthday, was a low-key and relaxing day complete with a walk down to Old Town for cannoli and lemon lavender cupcakes, plus a taste of the free pistachio ice cream and blackberry pie being given out at a recently opened Sur La Table cooking store. Other than that, I enjoyed munching on the delicious blueberry pancakes Stephen made for breakfast, kicking back with a couple good books and magazines, and closing out the day with a home-cooked meal of mushroom ravioli and Vinho Verde wine.

Next, pushing the fun over into Sunday, Stephen and I headed back into the city to meet up with my longtime blog bestie Diana from The World Around Her, who had driven down from Pennsylvania with her husband Mike. We all had a great time exploring the Air and Space and Natural History museums on the National Mall, along with stopping in at the popular Capitol Hill hangout Tortilla Coast for margaritas and a Tex-Mex dinner. Isn't the Vintage Vinyl Journal birthday present she gave me cool? 

I guess 30's not quite so scary after all!