Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Fashion Love: Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection

Ever since the fashion blogs started to buzz with news about Banana Republic’s fabulously feminine Mad Men-inspired fall collection, I’ve been itching to get in on the action. My pocketbook on the other hand, still recovering after shelling out a pretty penny for yet another semester of grad school, disagrees with me ever so slightly.

Still, I’m determined to add a little Mad Men flare to my closest this season, even if it means choosing just one statement piece from my list of standout favorites. So, without further ado, the lucky wish list nominees are…

Image Source: Banana Republic -- $130
This sweetly chic cream lace dress would add the perfect splash of 1960s flare at an early fall soiree. It would also allow me to continue wearing a light shade while simultaneously avoiding any sideways glances from East Coast die-hards set on packing away the bright whites after Labor Day.  

Image Source: Banana Republic -- $198
Though I undoubtedly love my comfy jean jackets and cozy winter peacoats, I’ve never invested in a good-quality trench to get me through the spring and fall shoulder seasons. While it’s definitely on the pricey side, this stylish coat would be versatile enough to pair with a dress or jeans.

Image Source: Banana Republic -- $150
Dressed up with heels or dressed down with boots, this dress features a truly gorgeous pattern and a subdued pop of color that would carry me right through fall, especially when paired with a comfy cardigan.

Image Source: Banana Republic -- $89.50
Speaking of cardigans, I’m crazy about them and already have a closet full of various colors, styles and fabrics, but none in this soft and pretty shade. From the relaxed cut to the elbow-length sleeves, I love everything about this classy pick.

Image Source: Banana Republic -- $250

Roomy and stylish, this satchel would be the perfect companion when heading out for an evening of classes or meetings. Still, at $250, I’m not sure I can justify the splurge, as tempting as it is.

And there you have it. Do you love this collection as much as I do, and which wish list pick do you think I should treat myself to, if any? 


  1. Yes! I love all of your selections. I blogged about this collection when it first hit stores in August, but I have yet to buy anything from it! I am really liking the lace dress and leopard handbag. Can't wait to see what you select!

  2. That is a lovely collection, my favorite is the coat because you can use it with many different outfits, but everything else in very nice too!!!

  3. I love this collection! I bought 2 dresses from it already :)

  4. I love all these pieces! That first fress is just gorgeous!

  5. That coat is FANTASTIC. I love it. I wish I wasn't expanding so much right now so that it made any sense for me to purchase any of it. ;)

  6. I would definitely pick the bag! It is expensive, but it would last a long time and get plenty of use, so that would balance out the price.

  7. i love the collection :) just purchased a dress for a wedding a few weeks ago and love it.

  8. If I win lotto I totally want to buy the whole collection :)

  9. I love all of your selections! My favorite would probably be the coat though, just because I could get away with wearing it more than one of the dresses. They're all so pretty though!

  10. UM! The jacket!!! That is RIDONK!!!
    Wear it everyday.

    PS: I got a pinterest, lol!

  11. We love watching Mad Men and I love this style! I actually took a picture of the ad in their NYC store window!! Love that coat and dress!


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