Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Staying Fit During the Holidays

Greetings from California, where I’m celebrating Christmas with my family a couple weeks early! So far, I’m having a great time catching up with relatives and friends, and it’s even kind of nice to be here ahead of schedule for a change, especially because it means that more people are still in town for dinners, parties and get-togethers before heading off on their own holiday travels.

Speaking of dinners and parties, if I have one key goal for this trip, it’s to maintain the hard-fought health and fitness progress I’ve made throughout the past month. The summer months were definitely a low-point for me, not only in terms of dealing with a lot of stress and tough family issues, but also because my weight shot up and my confidence took a major nosedive.

Image Source: MyFitnessPal

But no more! I’m happy to say that over the past several weeks, I’ve been working hard to get back on track by eating right and working out for 30 minutes at least five days a week. One tool that has definitely helped me stay motivated and on top of things is the MyFitnessPal program, available both online and as a free app.

Tracking my daily calorie intake and exercise sessions has already helped me drop a few pounds, and even though I still have a decent way to go before reaching my goal, seeing the forward progress I’ve made helps give me the push I need to keep trying. Here’s hoping that by the time my sister-in-law’s wedding rolls around next July, I’ll be back down to the weight I was on my own wedding day two and a half years ago!

How do you stay fit during the holiday season? Are there any apps or online tools that help keep you on track? If you’re using MyFitnessPal, feel free to come link up with me @ htsapphire28. 


  1. I like that app too! Have fun with your family, let me know if you make your way up the coast!

  2. I love MyFitnessPal and I use it all the time, specially now that I am in the maintenance phase of my diet I have to keep track of everything I eat and make sure to eat at least 1200 calories a day.

    My username is "losriama" but I will look for you and add u a diet buddy :)

    Keep having a wonderful time in Cali with family and friends :)

  3. Good luck with your journey, and have a great time in California. I am being conscious of portion control this season. I've also been stressed at work, so that's curbing my appetite for the time-being.

  4. I need to think about this myself. I don't necessarily need to lose any weight, but I could stand to exercise more and tone up! Good luck with your fitness goals. :)

  5. I'm sure you'll be back to your normal weight in no time and that you're adorable as ever!
    Have so much fun in CA! I bet it's warmer there than it is in Nebraska!

  6. You are a better person than I:) I tend to eat everything and everything between Thanksgiving and New Years, and then make a resolution to lose all the extra I gain in the new year. Your way is much more sane.

  7. oh, i definitely need to be more active during the holidays. there are so many sweets and food central gatherings that a walk or bike ride are definitely called for.

  8. I hope you have a great early holiday with your family!

    I need to get back on track myself. During this Christmas break I am going to work on getting into an exercise routine again.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  9. I've been doing better with eating but I need to do better with working out. Congrats your fitness goals!

  10. I'm usually pretty good at staying fit during the holidays, but this year i've been slacking :( maybe i need to download an app to motivate me!!

  11. You can do it! my husband is using a fitbit pedometer and scale and loves measuring his daily steps and progress.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. Boo I don't like your title!! I've been bad these last two weeks, stress of holiday shopping, oh and three kids birthdays, is getting to me!! :) I need to update my blog tomorrow! I haven't been on MyFitnessPal for a while either, sorry! Congrats on doing a good job while visiting your friends and family. I was doing really well and couldn't believe the numbers I was seeing on the scale, but I put back on a few of those lbs! :) But I am determined too to get back into it!

  13. We need to check out this App!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  14. I wonder if it's for Droid?
    I'd be happy to share Christmas nail ideas--just let me know what you'd like.


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