Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventures in SoCal: Unwinding at America’s Teaching Zoo

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts following my grandfather’s passing a couple weeks ago. The past year has been an incredibly difficult time for my family and I, and it really helps to know that there are so many wonderful people who care.

After taking some time off from blogging, I’m back today to share a fun roundup of photos I captured while attending the annual Spring Spectacular at America’s Teaching Zoo during my last weekend in Southern California.

Like my sister and I, my grandpa loved animals, and I have many great memories of visits to the zoo with he and my Nana throughout my childhood. This particular zoo, located at Moorpark College near my hometown, is also unique for being one of the top spots in the country for students who want to become animal trainers.

Chilling with Happy the alligator. 
Visiting a 90-year-old tortoise. 
Enjoying a firsthand look at an emu. 
Getting up-close-and-personal with a bald eagle. 
Observing a serval during the zoo's safari adventures show. 
From the creative shows to the cool exhibits, there was definitely plenty for us to do and see throughout the day! Do you love animals and visiting the zoo as much as we do? 


  1. Wow, a 90-year-old tortoise! I love going to the zoo, but we haven't visited in awhile. Maybe as it starts getting warmer around here this spring.

  2. How neat!!! We saw a toroise like that once in SD. I would love to see an emu that close!

  3. As you probably know from reading my blog I absolutely love animals and although I don't particularly like them in cages I do understand some only have a change of surviving if it's at a zoo.

    Love the 90 year tortoise!

  4. LOVE taking the boys to the zoo, I think I get more excited than they do though! lol

  5. That is sweet that you were able to do something that you enjoyed with your grandparents!

  6. this is such a cool experience! i like how close you got to the animals.

  7. We love the zoo, looks like a neat zoo experience! Hope you're doing well getting back into the swing of things and I hope the last few weeks weren't too difficult for you.

  8. Looks like so much family trips!!

  9. I love the zoo!! It is definitely one of my favorite places to go. I can't believe I have lived in California for this long and haven't visited the San Diego Zoo yet.

  10. I had no idea that a tortoise could live up to 90 years. Is that 90 actual years or 90 tortoise years?

    Looks like a fun time!


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