Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let It Snow?

Between starting a new work project and fighting off a head cold, it was already shaping up to be a hectic week even before the announcement about a winter storm heading for the DC area. As usual, though, it ultimately turned out to be the snowstorm that wasn't, as we saw nothing but wind and rain here in our own neighborhood.

Snowstorm? What snowstorm? 
As much as I generally dislike snow, I must say that even I was just the tiniest bit disappointed by the lack of flakes, especially since this could be our last winter here on the East Coast. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough, though, because once the last of this icy weather moves on out, spring will be quickly coming along to take its place!

Are you still dealing with snowfalls and chilly weather, or is spring already in the air where you live? 


  1. Too bad about the lack of snow. We don't get too many seasons here in the Bay Area, but we have had a pretty dry winter, which is fine by me. It has drizzled on and off this week, but it seems like the major rain stayed in November and December. I'm definitely looking forward to a sunny spring before the fog and gloom move in for the summer ;)

  2. It's 75 and sunny here in AZ. I'm so glad to be out of the Wisconsin snow storms! I have to admit, it's very pretty, but I would prefer not to have to drive in it. Have a good rest of your day!

  3. So glad you missed the snow bit!


  4. apparently it snowed SOOOO much in Illinois during the snow storm, and lots of places cancelled work/school. :(
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  5. Spring WAS in the air here on Saturday morning, but since Saturday afternoon it's been dreary and cold again..and now, well, the snow is coming down. I'm already in the "spring" mindset, so I do hope this is the final snowfall of the year and the path to spring grows more and more likely after this!

  6. i think a snowstorm or two are fine for me but then i want more temps the rest of winter! your cat looks like he is ready to buckle down for any cold temps coming your way

  7. we had snow on the a dusting...for all of 5 hours. i was way too excited.

  8. I'm in the perpetual sun here, but wouldn't mind a snowfall! The lack of seasons is not fun...

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  9. i would definitely miss the lack of snow, especially if it's cold and still winter! right now we are experiencing a warm week, so i'm happily embracing spring :)

  10. We has a snowstorm on Friday. Most of the snow has melted due to the warmer temperature. I'm ready for winter to be over, it has been a hard one.

    You know what I find funny? Meteorologist is the only career that they can be wrong and still get paid. Can you imagine getting paid and still being wrong so often?


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