Thursday, October 30, 2014

Help Protect Cats On Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! As a cat lover and mom, I just want to remind everyone to please help keep your own cats and others safe from any evil people who might want to do them harm tomorrow night.

While I love the candy and pumpkin decorating that accompanies this holiday, cat cruelty breaks my heart and makes me sick. Please protect your own kitties by keeping them indoors, and also take a stand if you see anyone tormenting innocent cats in your neighborhood. 

Molly and Twix's first Halloween with us back in 2011. They look so tiny!  
As they are every year, our sweet indoor kitties Molly and Twix will be safely burrowed under the covers while we give out candy. Our new community appears to have a large number of families with young kids, so we expect to go through a lot of it this year! 


  1. i can't believe this warning really has to exist. some people are so cruel.

    1. I know, Elle. It makes me sick knowing that there are cruel people out there who want to hurt such sweet, beautiful creatures.


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