Monday, August 15, 2011

Pet Birthdays: From Kitten to Cat

One year ago today (or somewhere right around this time), in a hoarder's crowded one-bedroom apartment filled with more than 10 cats and countless litters of kittens, my beautiful kitty Molly was born. Thanks to the caring team at the local ASPCA, she was soon rescued, along with her one-month younger cousin/half-sister Twix and many of their other siblings.

Growing up in a small apartment throughout my own childhood, I was never allowed to have pets other than those that could fit easily into cages or tanks – fish, guinea pigs and the like. Making the decision to adopt Molly and Twix this past January has without a doubt introduced me to an entirely new and exciting experience, one that's constantly filled with surprises and adventures.

Molly & Twix at 4-5 months old, just adopted. 
As they turn one, transitioning from kitten to cat, both girls love to explore, play, cuddle, talk and show their distinct personalities every day as they grow into healthy and strong adults, a life they definitely wouldn’t have experienced in their old environment. 

Molly is the curious one, fearlessly jumping up onto countertops and darting into doorways, meowing excitedly as she explores every nook and cranny. Svelte and poised, Twix is every bit the athlete, pouncing on pencils, burrowing under rugs and covers, and sitting at attention in my lap as I work on the computer. Truly, more than they will ever know,  Twix and Molly’s companionship has made all the difference as I continue making the adjustment to working and studying from home – alone – each and every day.

Molly, discovering the wonders of a LOFT bag!

Take me out to the ballgame! 

Twix, just chillin'. 

Studying hard.

Nap time!

My personal assistant. 
In honor of today's milestone, Molly's received an e-card from the vet, and we’ve surprised her with new toys, including a fresh pack of plush mice and a few new string wands with feathers and sparkly ribbons. Though she may have been born into a place where she was just another kitten out of dozens, Molly has become a real princess in our house, along with Twix, truly changing our lives just as much as we've changed hers. I can't wait to share many more years of birthdays with both of these beautiful and adventurous girls! 

Guarding the fresh laundry. 
What kind of pets do you have, and how have they changed your life? Do you celebrate their birthdays in a special way? 


  1. So cute! Congrats to your kitties on turning one year old. We don't have any pets - both of us work long hours and that makes it impractical for us to take care of an animal that needs a lot of love and attention. My mom's dog is going on 12 and is still really healthy and active. We always celebrate his birthday with presents and a special walk to a new neighborhood :)

  2. Aww your kitties are so cute. We have two cats and a puppy and it's definitely a handful but they are my fur children and I can't imagine life without them.

  3. Aww your girls are too cute! Happy birthday to them! I have long hours, but wish I had the time for pets!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. Aw! Happy Birthday to your kittehs! I love kittehs.
    I love all the kitty-in-the-bed pics! So adorable.
    We have a mama kitty who we found when she was (we didn't know) pregnant. She had birthed 2 litters before, 1 of which died and 1 was taken away from her, and we wanted her to keep these ones. She had 4 and 3 made it so we have 3 cats. The kittens will be 2 years old on September 26!
    We also have 2 rats and then a ferret, which we rescued from a loving yet neglectful home.
    We celebrate birthdays with special wet food for the kitties and other stuff for the rodents!

  5. Very Very cute... Happy Birthday. They are still just as cute as the day you got them both! :)

  6. awww they are so cute!!! We don't have any pets yet :( But we want a doggie sooooo badly!

  7. They're so cute! When I was little, I would celebrate my dog's birthday. :)

  8. They are so adorable! Happy Birthday! We tried to have two kittens but my allergies were horrible and now so are my stepdaughters! I love cats!!

  9. oh my gosh, your cat is so cute! happy birthday :)

    i don't have any pets, but love my brother's bird and spoil her with crackers.

  10. Tebow is my best dog friend. So I understand the love :)

  11. Aw, they are so awesome! I love cats. Mr. Dual Coast is allergic and my landlord (his friend) won't let us have one. One day when I get that dream house I'm definitely adopting! We'll just have to also buy stock in allergy pills. ;)

  12. Sooo cute!!! I don't have any pets yet, but these photos are making me want a kitten now.

  13. Very Cute. I'm a big cat person. I have one cat, and he is becoming an old man at 13 years old. But he'll always be my furry baby.

  14. Awww, love all the adorable kitty pictures! Having pets is so rewarding!

  15. Molly is adorable. Pets are so wonderful they will love you unconditionally and be your best friend for life.


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