Friday, August 26, 2011

Share Your Favorite Blogs!

Making the leap from wedding blogger to lifestyle blogger has been tons of fun, especially when it comes to discovering new and inspiring blogs to add to my ever-expanding Google Reader. Since I’m still pretty new to the scene outside the wedding realm, I thought I’d use today’s post to ask for your help getting acquainted with some of the top blogs you just can’t wait to read each week.

Help me get inspired by leaving a comment sharing a couple favorite blogs you think I should check out, and take a look at my Savvy Reads column at the right for a list of my own top faves. Don’t see your blog listed there? I’m adding to it as I go, so just leave me a message!

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I’m also still blogging over at Bicoastal Bride about all things wedding, and am on Facebook at the Bicoastal Bride and High Heels & Flip-Flops fan pages. Stop in and say hi when you have a chance! You can still find me on Twitter @Bicoastal_Bride, too.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! I’m hoping to attend a makeup line launch party in Baltimore tomorrow, depending on the latest hurricane forecast, and I hope to have lots of fun tips and tricks to share here soon. Cheers! 


  1. Just LOVE their Little Something entries!

    AND {she took the summer but is coming back once September comes} So informative though!

  2. Makeup line launch party! So fun :)

    I think you follow a lot of the same blogs I do, but here are some additional favorites of mine:

    Love & Lace (lifestyle/design/fashion):

    The Daily Muse (design/photography/all things NYC):

    Cupcakes & Cashmere (food/fashion):

  3. I just wanted to say that i think it is great see bloggers supporting others!!

    stay safe during the storm this weekend

  4. You already read most of them I would have suggested! Hope you get some fabulous new suggestions :)

  5. I am honored to be on your list. And I think you have made the transition to lifestyle blogger just perfectly! :)

  6. You already follow a lot of the same blogs I do, but here's a few more I like:

    Home decorating/improvement:


    Healthy recipes:

    Lifestyle, newly moved to New Zealand:

    Stay safe this weekend! Although it looks like as of now the hurricane will be a little less severe than they first thought. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that being a couple hours inland will keep me dry!

  7. Oh gosh! I have so many favorite blogs I cannot even begin to write them all out! The full list of some favs is on my site. New follower :) Have a fabulous weekend!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  8. I didn't realize you were on Twitter and Facebook! I just liked/followed you on both places. Aww thanks for the mention and you are in my blog faces as well!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. hope you were able to make it to the make up launch and had a good weekend :)

  10. I love Iowa Girl Eats ( and Southern Vogue (

    Would love for you to stop by my blog if you get a chance:

    Sweet Pea in the Kitchen(

  11. PS I LOVE YOU!! You are so sweet for having All Women Stalk and The World Around Her on your list! <3


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