Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Greek & Roman Holiday

Happy Tuesday! I hope those of you who had a long weekend enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope those who didn’t at least had a stress-free start to your workweek. Here in DC, we enjoyed a gorgeous couple days with sunny skies and temps in the mid-70s – absolutely perfect!

Though my classes are definitely getting more intense right now with papers, projects and tests, things are going very well overall after a somewhat rocky start to the semester. This week, I can happily see a light at the end of the tunnel on a couple big assignments, and as you can imagine, I’m already counting down the weeks until our November trip to Seattle to coordinate our friends’ wedding, and to the Christmas season, when we’ll once again head out to California for a holiday visit.

While our last trip out West a few weeks ago was definitely short, it was awesome to see everyone and be there to celebrate my sister’s 21st and Stephen’s grandpa’s 90th. Along with all the celebrating, we also managed to squeeze in a day trip to one of my favorite So Cal museums, the seaside Getty Villa in Malibu, which features stunning ancient Greek and Roman artwork and artifacts, along with period-appropriate architecture and themed gardens.

So, while I continue to plug away at my ever-growing to-do list, please enjoy a few highlights of our recent visit that help keep me smiling, no matter how busy or stressed I might feel.

If you're ever in Southern California, be sure to make a reservation to check this place out! Though there is a $15 fee for parking, admission is free, and the exhibits, along with panoramic views of the Pacific, simply can't be beat! Special thanks to my husband and sister Kellie for snapping these photos, some of which can also be seen on her fashion and style blog, Morning Ophelia

Do photos or mementos from trips and fun occasions help you unwind when things start to get stressful?


  1. How have I missed this place? Next time in SoCal, I'm going! After in-n-out of course.

  2. The Getty looks amazing! I've driven by it countless times (I visited friends in Malibu a lot during law school), but I've never been inside. Hope you're having a great week!

  3. So pretty, I always wanted to visit the Getty!

    And I'm so glad to hear you can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel for your semester!

  4. I love the Getty villa - it is so serene and has stunning views!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. These are stunning...looks like a European villa!

  6. Great shots!
    I love this place and your lovely blog! Just started following you!


  7. the getty villa is absolutely gorgeous! i always head to the museum off the 405, and have been dying to visit the villa in malibu.

    ps- safe travels to you for all of the events during the last few months of this year. can't wait to hear about your trip to seattle!!

  8. Oh wow! Great pics! It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    xoxo, Nali

  9. that looks like an awesome place! I'd def. love to visit there someday!

  10. Why did you not take me with you??? This looks gorgeous!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. What a beautiful place...I hope to get back to California one day! Great photos of you and your husband and family! :)

    I love scrapbooking my photos and it always helps me to relax and get away! :)

  12. It's beautiful there! Yes, beautiful vacation pics always relax me!


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