Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween: Inspiring Tricks & Tasty Treats

Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! Though the holiday itself falls on a Monday this year, I hope you’ll have a chance to sneak in a little celebrating over the next couple days. Stephen and I got into the spirit a bit early last Saturday when we attended our friends’ annual party for a night of costumes, spooky décor, and my personal favorite, tasty themed treats.

Stephen's creation, these Oreo brownie mice have almond ears, Red Vine tails and candy eyes.
Mummy cupcakes my mom sent us via Swiss Colony. Yum! 
Sugar cookie skeletons.
Doughnut holes with eyeball frosting in a pail of Halloween sweet and sour candies. 
Ghost and zombie brownies. 
Bottles of poison and other "potions," including vampire-themed wines, added to the spooky vibe.

Not only was the party a great way to take a quick break from everything we have going on, but it also gave me a chance to bust out the old baseball uniform I wore when I played on a congressional team my very first summer in DC. Though I was never all that good at the actual “playing” part, being the Liberal Agenda's catcher is something I’ll never forget. Paired with a silly donkey mask I acquired one bygone election night, the jersey made for a quick and easy outfit. (Both Stephen and I were just too burnt out to get quite as creative as we did last year, when we went as Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca.)

Going Casablanca in 2010. 
"Liberal Agenda" jersey and donkey mask. 

#17 -- Welfare Recipient. 

Jack Sparrow pirate hat and beads.

As you can see, Stephen also kept things simple with a pirate hat and beads, and even our kitties got into the action before we left, with Molly honoring her ancestors by posing as a baby tiger, and Twix embracing her wild side with a cowgirl hat and red bandanna. 

Tiger Molly. 

Cowgirl Twix. 

Have a great weekend! My mother-in-law is here in town visiting, and we've got a few fun museum and winery tours planned, so long as we don't get hit with an early snowstorm (crazy, huh?!). Are you dressing up this year, and how will you celebrate Halloween? 


  1. Love all these awesome and fun looking treats! You need to post that picture everywhere because it is too cute!

  2. I love your costume, and those treats look amazing! No dressing up for us this year, though I just found out that the wedding we are attending has a costume-themed after party. I may pick up a witch headband, but that's about it - next year, my raven costume WILL make an appearance :)

  3. Cute! Those mice look so real, I don't think I could eat it!

    xoxo, Nali

  4. this is AMAZING! You are so creative :-) We have a halloween party this Saturday- we've been looking forward to it for months. My friend Trisha has an annual huge party so it's a pretty big deal. Have a fun weekend, hope that snow doesn't disrupt your plans too much!

  5. all of this looks delish! so many choices to bookmark for next yr!

  6. Cowgirl Twix looks totally squeezable!! So cute.
    I wish I was creative and talented enough to make such awesome Halloween treats. They look good!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. How cute are all of these treats! I hope you are having a great day! I love your blog and I am your newest follower.


  8. I adore your costumes from 2010!!! I also love your Liberal agenda! LOL!! All of the treats look amazing! Im dressing up as a witch to answer the door for trick o' treaters, my stepdaugthers are being a crazy Steelers fan and a Zombie!!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. lol...these are adorable! sounds like an awesome weekend planned! i have to send your giftcard off tomorrow so you can enjoy it!

  10. I love your kittens' hats!! so cute!!! And your treats look great!

  11. molly and twix are so cute!!!

  12. OH MY GOSH, look at all those fun and delightful looking treats!! Last year I made splattered brain dip for a party, it looked nasty but it was a big hit! :)

  13. your halloween looks so fun!! i love how creative all of the desserts were (especially the mice and skeleton cookies) and you wore very fun costumes :)

  14. I LOVE the mouse cookies and the 2010 costumes! So cute!!!
    We didn't dress up but we did some mad pulling decorations out from nowhere before our Trick or Treaters got there!

  15. what creative treats! and love the costumes :)


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