Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year's Goal: A Fashion-Forward 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but throughout the past year, I've lapsed into somewhat of a fashion rut, especially when things get hectic. Perhaps my work-and-study from home regimen is partly to blame, but whatever the reason, I continuously find myself reaching for the same tried and true staples again and again with little motivation to change things up.

Well, no more!  After a thorough cleaning of my clothing, jewelry and makeup collections last week, it’s my goal this year to be much more mindful of just how many options I have in all of these areas and, most importantly, actually put them to use.  

Between generous gifts from friends and family members, plus plenty of shopping trips with my mom and sister in Southern California, the holiday season definitely added more than a few new pieces to my rotation, helping me get excited about trying different looks and styles throughout the coming months.

Here, a glimpse at some of the fresh additions, which I hope you’ll see again in the more frequent outfit and fashion-focused posts I’m aiming to put together. In any event, here’s to a fashion-forward 2012!

This classically styled dress, purchased on sale for $20 at JC Penney, is versatile enough to wear on its own during the warmer months or paired with a cover-up when things get cool.  

 I just love the too-cute cat print accenting this lightweight frock, and especially loved its $26 price tag at thrift chain Buffalo Exchange. 

 Another bargain find, this A-line jean skirt on clearance for just $7 at H&M will be the perfect casual weekend piece throughout the summer. 

A chunky bracelet in some of my favorite colors can help punch up just about any basic style. 

I'll be New Year's Eve-ready come next December with the help of a twinkly necklace and earring gift set. 

A multicolored beaded clutch offers a welcome change from my standard black patent purse. 

Lightweight scarves in pretty patterns will carry me right through into spring. 

Though it wasn't on sale, I simply couldn't resist snapping up this $70 top at Anthropologie. With its neutral shades and eye-catching pattern, I'm sure I'll get enough use out of it to more than make up for the price! 

Fingerless gloves are just what I need to stay warm and stylish when facing down winter's chill. 

Last but not least, a Bobbi Brown bronze highlighter pen, NXY light blue liner and shimmery Stila Rhapsody palette allow for a variety of looks to best complement all the different styles I'll be wearing. 

Are you good about using all of the clothes, jewelry and makeup in your collections, or do you have a tendency to lapse into the same routine, like me? Did you come upon any great holiday bargains this season? 


  1. I definitely end up wearing the same pieces over and over - usually because they are on top/in front! I did purchase a new "dressy" jacket after Christmas on a mega-sale, so at least my outerwear got updated :)

  2. Great finds! I especially love the striped dress and earrings/necklace set. I'm excited to see your outfit posts - I always look forward to those on others' blogs, and they are so much fun to do :)

  3. That Anthropoligie top was worth it! Looked great in class the other night!

  4. i just love all the new outfits/accessories you purchased! so cute! you will def. have a stylish 2012!

    i sometimes stay in a rut and wear the same things over and over again ... but i did some shopping a few weeks ago so i intend to be a bit better in 2012 when it comes to putting outfits together.

  5. some great buys!!!!

    im loving the two dresses u got!!

  6. Great finds!!! Love the kitty dress so much!
    I like the houndstoot warmers; I got a coat of the same pattern for christmas and I love it!
    I like your makeup stuff, too; I can't wait til tax money time. That is when I get new makeup every year!

  7. SO many great items to change things up with your wardrobe! I am especially smitten with the kitty print dress. From further away it almost looks like houndstooth, but up close you have the sweet surprise of a kitty print!

  8. These are great!! And l love the first two dresses and the accessories are very pretty:-) way to vamp up your closet in 2012...I probably need to do the same thing!!

  9. I am pretty good at using all of my new stuff. I get really excited every time I make a new purchase (basically every day -- except for lately - sad face), so I can't wait to use/wear it.
    Love that new dress! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Fabulous finds! I am loving the dresses! xo

  11. im on a shopping hiatus at the moment, tears! i def will not do this in jan. next year.

  12. Can't get enough of the cat dress and those gorgeous scarves!! Clothes make me so excited!!!

  13. Cute finds! Love the colors of the bobbi brown makeup!

  14. great choices! the beaded clutch looks so fun, and the kitty print dress is awesome ;)

  15. That Anthropologie top is too cute (I would have been tempted to get it non-sale too!) as is the cat print and first dress!
    Have a good weekend!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. You got a lot of great items! I used to fall in a rut and wear the same type of style but blogging has helped me with that. Can't wait to see if you'll post outfit pix of these great pieces!

  17. I love those first two dresses! I'm having a tough time right now because my maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are still a bit tight and all my pants hit at my incision so getting dressed is a huge pain. It will be nice when I can dress normal again. Looks like you found some great stuff.

  18. The gold necklace and earrings are GORGEOUS! I sure wish I could wear scarves well - my daughters do the most creative things with them, but I swear - I'm scarf-handicapped!

  19. LOVING everything in this post! Especially that adorable cat print. What a steal! Looks like I need to find myself a JC Penney. :)

  20. love those adorable dresses!! too cute!!!

    and can't go wrong with Bobbi Brown... I have slowly been transitioning all my makeup to BB & Nars

  21. Beautiful pieces. I love the scarves and the jean skirt. The cat print dress is adorable.



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